About Us

Trijet50 Aviation Book Store was set up as a different selling platform than our eBay store which primarily stocks magazines. 

I have been collecting  aviation memorabilia for many years and in 2005 I decided it was time to share them with others so I joined ebay. The registration process asked to pick a username and immediately I thought of Trijet50 as I really liked the look of the Falcon 50 Biz-jet plus the only wide-bodied aircraft I had flown on were both " Trijets " in the Tristar and DC10. 

After a couple of years of part time selling I ran out of my own items and I bought a job lot of Pilot magazines on ebay and split them into single listings. The competition had nothing other than the photo and title so I decided to feature the main contents in my listings. Some buyers are looking for gap fillers in their collection and I have helped many complete their goal. Others have interests in specific items so it helps them judge whether to make a purchase.

I have sold over a 100,000 magazines around the world and compiling a contents listing has led me to gain a widespread knowledge of Aircraft since the very early days of flying. Taking photographs of over 35000 magazine covers you really get to know that you cannot judge a magazine by its cover. 

This website is only part of the stock I have and you can find me on eBay user id Trijet50 where there are currently 5000 items mainly Magazines, 

There is huge amount of stock in the warehouse waiting to go online so if you are looking for something that is not on my site please use the contact us facility 

For correspondence only the address is 12 Crosscut Way Honiton Devon EX14 2DX United Kingdom 
Telephone 01404602044